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The cost of translation services depends on multiple factors; therefore we calculate charges for every particular order, proceeding from the basic tariff.

The basic cost of translation of general-subject texts is:

English > Russian - $0,07 per a word in translation

German > Russian - $0,08 per a word in translation

Besides English and German, we work with over 30 other languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, CIS languages, and others. All translations are done by native speakers exclusively.

In order to get more information about the cost of translation, you may send us an order form or contact our manager by phone or any other means convenient for you.

When calculating the final charge for a translation, we take into account its complexity, subject, the amount of work, its urgency, the necessity of complex makeup, as well as the partnership duration and special terms if such are specified in the contract.

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- Do not lose an opportunity to assess the quality of our work via a new service: Pilot translation (up to 1 page).

- We will make a 20% discount for all languages if you order over 50 pages.

- We are ready to make a 30% discount by signing an exclusive agreement with your company.

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